Changelog of the Mod

ver 3.3.6 [Current Version]

→ Overworked Timecycles

→ Improvments of the ENB

→ New Corona Texture


ver 3.3.4 | 3.3.5

→ Fixed ENB Compatible with the New Version v0.351

→ Optional Corona Delete

→ Fixed the Bright Game Menu and More

→ New Feature of the ENBdev →  Skylighting (See Screens)


ver 3.1.5

→ After Hours Compatible Update


ver 3.1

→ New Reshade (Working with the ENB)

→ Optional Settings  →  Better Headlight Range Lighting


ver 3.0 [Biggest Update since Release]

→ Added New Snowflake Textures

→ Some Visual Fixes

→ New Corona Texture

→ New Visual Textures

→ New Lensflare for the Ingame Charakter

→ More Optional Bokeh


→ Some People Asked me About a Mod when it Support it, and now it is here!

Support for RadianceV!!


ver 2.6

→ Fixes

→ Added Forgoten Reshade Preset File

→ Added some New Motion Blur Settings (Optional Mod)



→ ENB Fix


ver 2.4

→ Added Bokeh to the Graphic and Reworked Bokeh Textures with Inculded

→ Added HBAO-Settings

→ ENB Reworked


ver 2.3.2

→ Added a Reshade! Yea a Reshade as Optional Mod

→ Improved the Timecycle Mods and Pollen drops in the Forest

→ Now the Pollen sticks on the Ground when they fall


ver 2.3

→ Added Better Dirt Trail

→ No More Chromatic Aberration & Lens distorition

→ Enchanced Fireflies


ver 2.2
→ Better Emergency Lights 

→ New Graphical Options