TB Graphics 3.3.6

Here can You find the Readme and the Changelog of the current Version of Tb Graphics!


To get the Best Gaming Experince like i have You neew to make a New Update.rpf . But first you need to Backup your Dlclist.xml, Vehicles.meta and handling files.

After that when you have Maked all things. Go to my Downloaded .zip File. Now you can Pic two Methods to install the Mod.



► First Method Automatic Install of the Game. Start the .OIV via OpenIV and run it.

► Second Method: Go Step by Step like in the Folder and install everything by hand



And You are Done! Start the Game and Play, or Pick between some Optional Files (Every Optional mod is .OIV)

Scroll Down to see some Comparissons

Manual Install Step by Step

mods ► update ► update.rpf ► common ► data:


► visualsettings.dat 

► hbaosettings.xml

► effects ► wheelfx.dat

► levels ► gta5 ► weather.xml

► timecycle ► All Timecycle Files

► levels ► gta5 ► weather ► firefly_render_drop.xml

► levels ► gta5 ► weather ► pollen_render_drop.xml

► levels ► gta5 ► weather ► pollen_emitter_drop.xml


mods ► update ► update.rpf ► x64:


► textures ► graphics.-/skydome.-/water.ytd

Better Headlight Distance


Suggestion: play this Optional Mod with my Realistic Headlight Mod to get the Best experince! :)



Better Motion Blur

Optional: Reshade Mod.

First You need to Install Reshade.
And after that Install My Reshade Modwith OpenIV (OIV)

Optional: Bokeh

Pick one Bokeh from the Files, and add it to the:

mods ► update ► update.rpf ► x64 ► textures ► graphics.ytd


Is in the Carcols.ymt the mod: More Car Color's mod inculded. If you want to Use the Mod ingame too? than Install the Carmodcols.ymt and you will have more Colors for the Vehicles.



Installation for the Optional mod:

mods ► update ► update.rpf ► x64 ►data ► carmodcols.ymt

mods ► update ► update.rpf ► x64 ►data ► lang ►(Pick your Language and Add it)

If you want Great Traffic, or light Shadows at Night? Add the Shadows.asi/.ini from VisualV to the GTAV Directory :)

Before you Beginn to play you should set the Brightness Like this:

►Always Create Backup of The Original Files, befor installing Mods!◄

When You find Bugs, than give me to know and I will fix it ASAP!


Don't Reupload the Mod Anywhere! When the Mod will reuploaded it will immedeiantly taked down!
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